BetterJoy Free Download For Windows (Latest Version)

BetterJoy Download is a free and open-source driver that helps Windows users connect game consoles to their PC. BetterJoy driver allows players to play games on consoles Nintendo, Switch Pro Controller, joy-con, and SNES to switch gamepads to provide a superior experience to users. This is a simple driver so, it is created to be easy for users to use. This has become an indispensable driver for Nintendo users. Users do not need advanced knowledge to use this.

Download For Windows

After downloading the latest version, the interface you see when opening the driver shows the controller you have connected to it. Its position can be seen vertically or horizontally. You can also add more controllers using the add controller option. This is done by using the Bluetooth option. BetterJoy interface is small and simple. Based on the location of the controller you have connected there, users can easily identify whether it works as a single pair or as two.

Apart from this, you can see many other features using the driver. After connecting the controller to the computer, you can use the BetterJoy driver. You can easily use this normal computer. The driver is downloaded as a zip folder. You understand that the BetterJoy driver is very important for users who play games.

Key Features of the BetterJoy Download

  • Easily operated application - The better joy is a free open-source drive that is not very hard to use for the users. You can set the program to start from the system tray and it will do the work by itself also. Not only that but also you can set it up for scanning the new controllers. This application also works without any trouble. This interface is also simple. Therefore you can feel the simplicity of this application.
  • Connects gaming consoles to the PC - This is the leading function of this application. This is developed to help users to manage their gaming controller profiles. Using this application you can use Ninetendo joy con controllers on other devices.
  • Automatically operating process - This drive contains an automated process. That can manage and modernize the functions. It helps create and manage custom forms, set up reminders, give notifications, and appoint tasks to the team members quickly and easily.
  • Custom association system - The BetterJoy application has a great custom relationship system that can manage the interaction with the customers.
  • Support - This application allows Nintendo to switch between the pro controller, Joycons, and switch SNES controller used with Citra, Dolphin, Yuzu, and normal Xlnput. Also, it allows you to control your mouse using the gyro and the remap to crucial bind the special buttons called SL, and SR, and capture your favoritism.
  • How it Works BetterJoy

    Users can safely download the BetterJoy driver through our website. To download the file select the location on your computer. Now after the download is complete it will appear as a Zip file. Now extract it to your desired installation.

    After the installation is done successfully install the visionbus driver required to run the actual driver if you haven't installed it.

  • Now select the file with the BetterJoy driver and double-click on it.
  • Now you can see a small interface.
  • Here you can see several parts represented as located under the connected controller option.
  • They represent the position of the controller you have connected to the computer.
  • If they are vertical, it means they are working as one controller.
  • By clicking on the controller, you can change the vertical and horizontal modes.
  • If it's in the other mode, it shows them working as two.
  • If you want to add fancy stuff, you can click the Map special buttons.
  • It has many options like Capture, Home, SL Left Joycon, SR Left Joycon, SL Right Joycon, Shake Input, Re-centre Gyro, and Activate Gyro.
  • You can click the "add controller" button to add controller more than one.
  • Computer gaming users can easily use the BetterJoy driver by using the above simple step.

    BetterJoy in Windows

    Go to our BetterJoy Windows website to download software safety.

  • The application runs on Windows OS.
  • Users should remember to download the latest version so, it helps users to use it without any problems.
  • That is asked, to download the software at which location.
  • So, you should select the location on your PC to download.
  • The folder is very small (12MB in size).
  • Because of that, it is quickly downloaded.
  • You can see a download file in the chosen location.
  • It is a Zip file.
  • Right-click on the zip file.
  • Then, go to the extract file option and extract the file as you needed.
  • If you use the software you need to download the “vision bus” drivers.
  • Then go to the actual program.
  • Now users can completely use the software.
  • These are the main steps to download the software.
  • Why BetterJoy is The Best?

    This BetterJoy can be introduced as an update specially tailored for people who play video games. This BetterJoy gives you support for Nintendo, Switch Pro, Joycons and Dolphin controllers. This BetterJoy enables you to use Cemu with devices like Yuzu, Dolphin, and Cemuhook.

    It also enables mouse control using the gyro. If you are a Nintendo fan and can't leave your PC, here you will find a Nintendo emulator called Semu. However, this BetterJoy may not always provide the same experience. Here Chook enables you to use Nintendo Switch Pro, joycons, and Switch Super SNES controllers with Cemu. And this also supports regular input. This BetterJoy can be introduced as a highly experimental program aimed at the reproducibility of functions.

    Before downloading this application it is mandatory to ensure that you have installed the correct driver for it. And since this app is complete with all terminals, you need to launch this app to use it. Here you need to pair a Bluetooth controller with a computer to get maximum performance. There is no problem in downloading this application. Because of its simple setup, BetterJoy is easy for anyone to download and run. This BetterJoy app automatically scans for new controllers and eliminates the need to manually add them to your device.

    Advantages Of BetterJoy

    You can use it easily

    Better Joy is a kind of drive you can easily use for your day-to-day functions. The setup process is also easy. You can easily install this application. There is an intuitive user interface that helps to handle this application without much effort. Also, you can use remap and map buttons for the games.

    Quickly connects and runs controllers

    If you are a Nintendo fan but you can't give up the computer, Then the reason is you are most crossed with numerous Nintendo emulators. Most of the Nintendo emulators can not give the original console experience but the BetterJoy gives you the real experience by connecting the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, any Joycon, or switching the SNES gamepad to your PC

    Free of cost

    This application can be downloaded free to your device. So you do not want to spend money and if it does not work out, do not need to suffer about it. Also, this is open source software Therefore everyone can use, modify, or share it with their personal preference.

    You can connect multiple controllers

    This application allows you to connect multiple controllers to a single computer at the same time and helps to use them as single or individually. It helps to feel your gaming experience. Also, it grants motion control rumble vibration, and button mapping like customizations. So this application is popular among Nintendo fans.


    How to download the BetterJoy?

  • Go to our BetterJoy Windows official web page.
  • Select your OS.
  • Click the download button.
  • Wait until finish it.
  • What is use BetterJoy?

    Computer gamers can use game consoles to connect to their computer.

    Which consoles can use this software to transfer Gamepad?

    Nintendo, pro controller, Joy-con, and SNES consoles can switch the game pad.

    How to use BetterJoy software?

    Download the app and open it. Connect your controller to the computer. Use the options in the software and configure it as required now.

    Is the software safe to download?

    Yes, you can follow our website to download the BetterJoy Windows software without virus or any other problem.